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Gold Japan CD : All editions

Code Japan Warner-Pioneer aaa Code Japan Pony-Canyon
43P2-0001 Madonna Like a Virgin   D33Y0355 Survivor The best of
43P2-0002 Madonna True Blue   D33Y0356 Alyssa Milano Look in my heart
43P2-0003 A-Ha Stay On These Roads   D33Y0357 Samantha Gilles The best of
43P2-0004 Prince Purple Rain        
43P2-0005 Fleetwood Mac Tango In The Night   D33Y3394 Carpenters Now & Then
43P2-0006 ??? ???   D33Y3395 Carpenters The Singles 1969-83
43P2-0007 Eagles Hotel California   D33Y3396 Various Artists Stay Awake
43P2-0008 Debbie Gibson Out of the Blue   D33Y3397 Suzanne Vega Suzanne Vega
43P2-0009 George Benson and Earl Klugh Collaboration   D33Y3398 Suzanne Vega Solitude Standing
43P2-0010 Grover Washington, Jr Winelight   D33Y3399 Janet Jackson Control
43P2-0011 John Coltrane A Love Supreme   D33Y3400 Sting The dream of the blue turtles
43P2-0012 John Coltrane Ballads   D33Y3401 The Police Outlandos d'Amour
43P2-0013 Frank Sinatra My Way   D33Y3402 The Police Reggata de Blanc
43P2-0014 Anita Baker Giving you the best that I got   D33Y3403 The Police Zenyatta Mondatta
43P2-0015 Sadao Watanabe Selected   D33Y3404 The Police Ghost in the Machine
        D33Y3405 The Police Syncronicity
43XD-2000 Madonna You can dance   D33Y3406 The Police Every breath you take
43XD-2001 George Harrison Cloud Nine   D33Y3407 Colin Vearncombe Black Comedy
43XD-2002 David Lee Roth Skyscraper   D33Y3408 Bryan Adams Cuts Like A Knife
43XD-2003 Donald Fagen The Nightfly   D33Y3409 Bryan Adams Reckless
43XD-2004 Anita Baker Rapture   D33Y3410 Bryan Adams Into the fire
43XD-2005 Foreigner Inside Information   D50Y3205 Bryan Adams Hits on fire
43XD-2006 AC/DC Blow up your Video        
43XD-2007 Loudness Hurricane Eyes   D42Y5107 George Winston Autumn
43XD-2008 Tiffany Tiffany   D42Y5108 George Winston December
43XD-2009 John Coltrane From the original master tape   D42Y5109 George Winston Winter into Spring
43XD-2010 Sadao Watanabe Fill up the Night   D42Y5121 Ackerman William Passage
        D42Y5122 Ackerman William Conferring with the Moon
43XL-2001 Akina Nakamori Wonder   D42Y5126 Various Artists Heart
43XL-2002 Naoya Matuoka Majestic   D42Y5127 Various Artists A Winter's Solstice II
70XL-2003.4 Kitaro Those 10 Years        
        D30A0413 Yuki Saito To you
45L2-5101 Shonentai Playzone 88   D35A0428 Kudo Shizuka Joy
??L2-5102 ??? ???   D35A0429 The Alfee Time and Tide
36L2-5103 Akina Nakamori Cruise   D35A0441 The Alfee DNA
36L2-5104 Akina Nakamori Best   D35A0470 Chage and Asuka Turning Point
36L2-5105 Akina Nakamori Best II   D35A0472 Chage and Asuka Mr.Asia
54L2-5106.7 Akina Nakamori East Live   D35A0473 Chage and Asuka Rhapsody
        D35A0474 Chage and Asuka Energy
WPCR-10090 Enya The celts   D35A0476 Yuki Saito Axia
WPCR-10091 Enya Watermark   D35A0477 Yuki Saito Glass no Kodo
WPCR-10092 Enya Shepherd moons   D35A0480 Yuki Saito Yuki's brand
WPCR-10093 Enya The memory of trees   D35A0481 Yuki Saito Pant
WPCR-2345 Enya Paint the sky with stars   D35A0482 Kudo Shizuka Misteryous
        D30A0483 Kudo Shizuka Shizuka
WPCR-10190 Deep Purple In Rock   D35A0484 Kudo Shizuka Gradation
WPCR-10191 Deep Purple Fireball   D35A0485 Ryo Asuka Scene
WPCR-10192 Deep Purple Machine Head   D35A0488 Kitaro Silk road suite II
WPCR-10193 Deep Purple Live in Japan   D35A0489 Kitaro In Person
WPCR-10194 Deep Purple Burn   D35A0490 Kitaro Tun Huang
        D35A0491 Kitaro Ki
        D35A0501 Amii CM Network
        D35A0503 Tunnels Best
        PCCY-01421 King Crimson In the court of the Crimson king
        PCCY-01422 King Crimson In the wake of poseidon
        PCCY-01423 King Crimson Lizard
        PCCY-01424 King Crimson Island
30/45       52/54    
Code Japan Sony   Code Japan EMI-Toshiba
SRCS 6677 Aerosmith Toys in the Attic   CP43-5771 Pink Floyd The dark side of the moon
SRCS 6678 Billy Joel 52nd Street   CP43-5772 David Bowie Let's Dance
SRCS 6680 Dave Brubeck Time out   CP43-5773 John Lennon Imagine
SRCS 6681 Miles Davis Kind of Blue   CP43-5774 Paul McCartney Band on the Run
SRCS 6682 Bob Dylan Blonde on Blonde   CP43-5775 Huey Lewis and The News Fore
SRCS 6683 Various Artists West Side Story        
SRCS 6762 Pink Floyd Wish you were here   CJ43-5041 Cannonball Adderley Somethin' Else
SRCS 6765 Bruce Springsteen Born To Run   CJ43-5042 Sonny Clark Cool Struttin'
SRCS 6766 Roger Waters Amused to death        
SRCS 6767 Janis Joplin Pearl   CE43-5509 Ludwig Van Beethoven Symphony n.9
SRCS 6768 Simon and Garfunkel Bridge Over Troubled Water   CE43-5510 Respighi The Fountains of Rome
SRCS 6814 James Taylor JT   CE43-5511 Antonio Vivaldi Four Seasons
SRCS 6815 Super Guitar Trio Friday Night in San Francisco   CE43-5512 Franz Schubert Death and the maiden
SRCS 6995 Chicago Chicago Transit Authority   CE43-5513 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Arias
SRCS 6996 Loggins and Messina Sittin In        
SRCS 6997 Toto IV   TOCP-6117 Paul McCartney All the best
SRCS 7482 Wynton Marsalis Wynton Marsalis   TOCZ-9203 Ikuma Dan The Royal Wedding
SRCS 7483 Weather Report Heavy Weather        
SRCS 7484 Earth, Wind & Fire All'n'all   POCJ-9010 The Oscar Peterson Trio We Get Requests
SRCS 7485 Boz Scaggs Silk Degrees   POCJ-9011 Bill Evans Live at The Montreaux
        POCJ-9012 Getz, Gilberto Getz, Gilberto
ESCA 7501 Boston Boston   POCJ-9013 Charlie Parker Nows the Time
ESCA 7502 Sky and the Family Stone Stand   POCJ-9014 Fitzgerald Ella Mack the Knife
ESCA 7515 Jeff Beck Blow by Blow        
ESCA 7531 Luther Vandross Never Too Much        
ESCA 7532 Stevie Ray Vaughan Couldnt stand the wheather        
ESCA 7559 Meat Loaf Bat Out Of Hell        
YDDS 1020 Various Artists Sony Techno Fair        
YDDS 1034 Various Artists Paradise Dream        
YDDS 1035 Various Artists Highway Dream        
YDDS 1036 Various Artists Space Dream        
ZDC2 93069 Various Artists Orange        
29/31       18/19    
Code Japan London   Code Japan Denon
F45L-29501 Gustav Mahler Symphony No. 1 "Titan"   43CO-1841 Gustav Mahler Symphony n.5
F45L-29502 Ludwig Van Beethoven Piano Concerto No. 5   43CO-1842 Antonio Vivaldi Le quattro stagioni
F45L-29503 Saint-Saens Symphony No. 3 "Organ"   43CO-1843 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Piano Sonatas
F45L-29504 Stravinsky Igor Le Sacre du Printemps   43CO-1844 Joahn Sebastian Bach Toccata con Fuga
F45L-29505 Gershwin Grand Canyon   43CO-1845 Samejima Yumiko The Japanese song
F45L-29506 Holst The Planets   43CO-2126 Gustav Mahler Symphony n.4
F45L-29507 Mussorksky Picture at an Exibition   43CO-2127 Samejima Yumiko Your Favorite Japanese Songs
F80L-29508.9 Gustav Mahler Symphony n.3   43CO-2128 Dvorak From the New World
F45L-29510 Kiri Te Kanawa Canteloube Chants d Auvergne   43CY-2129 The Count Basie Orchestra Long Live the Chief
F45L-29511 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Eine kleine Nachtmusik   43CY-2130 Carmen McRae Any Old Time
F45L-29512 Ludwig Van Beethoven Symphony No. 9   43CO-2629 Smetana Quartet Mozart
F45L-29513 Ravel Bolero   43CO-2630 Smetana Quartet Mozart
F45L-29514 Dvorak Symphony 9   43CO-2631 Smetana Quartet Beethoven
F45L-29515 Fryderyk Chopin The New Selection   43CO-2632    
F45L-29516 Antonio Vivaldi Le quattro stagioni   43CO-2633 Smetana Quartet From my Life
F00L-29517.9 Ludwig Van Beethoven Complete Piano Concertos   43CO-2634 Smetana Quartet In Prague concert
F45L-29520 Richard Wagner Der Ring des Nibelungen   70CO-2309 Various Artists Anechoic Orchestral
F45L-29521       00CO-2589.604    
F45L-29522 Vienna Philarmonic Orchestra 79 New Year's Concert        
F45L-29523 Johann Sebastian Bach Toccata con Fuga   COCO-6680 Samejima Yumiko The Japanese song
F45L-29524 Bruckner Symphony n.4   GES-9522 Samejima Yumiko European pathos songs
        TO-3011 Various Artists CD Sampler
POCL-1709 Richard Strauss Also Sprach Zarathustra   TD-8501 Various Artists Concept 3"
POCL-1740 Carl Orff Carmina Burana   TD-9037 Various Artists Pure gold cd sampler
POCL-9007 Richard Strauss Eine Alpensimfonie Op. 64        
POCL-9761 The Three Tenors In Concert        
24/26       20/23    
Code Japan Other   Code Japan / USA Other Japan
  Alfa       Atlantic  
34A2-32 Arai Yumi Yuming Singles   AMDM-6261 X Japan Scars
54A2-33.34 Arai Yumi Yuming History   AMDM-6262 X Japan Forever Love
56R2-52.53 Bill Evans Trio Consecration        
34B2-70 Samantha Fox I wanna have some fun     Columbia  
        58CA-3287.8 Naoko Kawai Pure Gold
  Chesky     CA-3402 Naoko Kawai Masterpieces
SSCK-3001 Rebecca Pidgeon The Raven        
SSCK-3002         For Life  
SSCK-3003       FLCF-31012 Various Artists Christmas
SSCK-3004       FLC-4004 Yuma Nakamura Graduation
SSCK-3005 Sara K. Closer than They Appear   FLC-4005 Anri Circuit of Rainbow
        FLC-4005 Anri Circuit of Rainbow
  DCC     39KD-157 Anri My Favorite Songs
GZS-1105 Jethro Tull Aqualung   39KD-158 Miki Imai Fiesta
GZS-1110 Jefferson Starship Red Octopus   39KD-159 Miki Imai Bewith
        39KD-160 Miki Imai Elfin
  Deutsche Grammophon     39KD-161 Miki Imai Femme
POCG-1760 Ravel Bolero   39KD-162 Inoue Yosui Re-View
  ECM       Fun  
J25J 29021 Keith Jarrett The Koln Concert   43FD-7033 Junichi Inagaki Sixteen Candles
J25J 29022 Keith Jarrett Standards Live        
J25J 29023 Keith Jarrett Facing You     King  
J25J 29024 Chick Corea Return to Forever   330A 50081    
J25J 29025 Chick Corea Crystal Silence   330A 50082 Miho Nakayama After School
POCJ-1020 Keith Jarrett Paris Concert   330A 50083    
        330A 50084 Miho Nakayama First Concert
  Philips     330A 50085 Miho Nakayama Exotique
PHCE-33001 Helen Merrill Just Friends   330A 50086 Miho Nakayama One and Only
PHCE-33002 Bryant Ray Plays Basie and Ellington   330A 50087    
PHCE-33003 Toots Thielemans The windmills of Your Mind   330A 50088 Miho Nakayama Catch the Nite
PHCE-33004 The Great Jazz Trio At the Village Vanguard   330A 50089 Miho Nakayama Mind Game
PHCE-33005 Coates John Jr Alone and Live   330A 50090 Miho Nakayama Angel Hearts
PHCE-33006 Art Farmer The Summer Knows   330A 50091 Miho Nakayama Ballads
PHCE-33007 L.A.Four Going Home        
PHCE-33008 John Lewis J.S.Bach Preludes and Fugues   CDS-6 Miho Nakayama Mermaid 3"
PHCE-33009 Larry Coryell Scheherazade - Bolero   8SSX22 Miho Nakayama C 3"
PHCE-33010 Paco De Lucia Castro Marin        
UCCP-1060 Rimsky, Korsakov Sheherazade   NKDD 378 Various Artists Winter Flame
  Superior       Midi  
TS-8706 Ludwig Van Beethoven Symphony n.9   MDCZ-1091 Ryuichi Sakamoto Tibetan Dance
        MDCZ-1092 Ryuichi Sakamoto Left Handed Dream
  Atlantic (USA)     MDCZ-1093 Ryuichi Sakamoto Merry Christmas
82520-2 Phil Collins Face Value   MDCZ-1094 Ryuichi Sakamoto Coda
82521-2 Genesis Abacab   MDCZ-1095 Ryuichi Sakamoto Ballet Mecanique
82522-2 Crosby, Still, Nash Crosby, Still, Nash   MDCZ-1096 Ryuichi Sakamoto Media Bahn Live
82524-2 Yes Fragile   MDCZ-1097 Ryuichi Sakamoto Aile de Honneamise
82544-2 Pete Townshend Empty Glass   MDCZ-1098 Ryuichi Sakamoto Gruppo Musicale
82545-2 Foreigner 4        
        43XG-1 Takeuchi Mariya Variety
        43XG-2 Takeuchi Mariya Request
        38XG-3 Tatsuro Yamashita The Girl in White
        C292-2 Tokunaga Hideaki Realize
        VJPR-3 Ryuichi Sakamoto You Do Me
31/36       39/42    
Code Japan MFSL   Code Japan MFSL
  Ultradisc I       Ultradisc II  
48UD 503 Joe Jackson Will Power   UDCD 517 Pink Floyd The dark side of the moon II
48UD 507 Blind Faith Blind Faith   UDCD 518 Pink Floyd Meddle II
UDCD 508 Various Artists A Very Special Christmas   UDCD 533 The Who Tommy
UDCD 509 Huey Lewis and The News Sports   UDCD 553 Eric Clapton Slowhand
48UD 510 Jethro Tull Thick as a Brick   UDCD 585 Derek and the Dominoes Layla
48UD 512 Moody Blues The Days of Future Pasts   UDCD 595 Pink Floyd Atom heart mother
UDCD 517 Pink Floyd The dark side of the moon   UDCD 605 John Coltrane Giant Steps
UDCD 518 Pink Floyd Meddle   UDCD 633 Rick Wakeman Journey to the Centre
UDCD 521 The Beach Boys Surfer Girl   UDCD 642 REM Murmur
UDCD 522 John Klemmer Touch   UDCD 666 Nirvana Nevermind
UDCD 523 Jefferson Airplane Crown of Creation        
10/11       10/10    
124/149       139/148    

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