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Gold Japan CDV : All editions

Warner / Pony Code Japan Warner-Pioneer aaa Code Japan Pony-Canyon
  Pony-Canyon 24P6-0501 Madonna Papa don't Preach    E24A1001  Miyuki Nakajima CDV Gold
  Pony-Canyon  24P6-0502  Donald Fagen New Frontier    E24A1002  The Checkers CDV Gold
  Pony-Canyon  24P6-0503  Anita Baker Sweet Love    E24A1003  Babe CDV Gold
  Pony-Canyon          E24A1004  The Alfee CDV Gold
  Pony-Canyon  24L6-5601  Mobile Police Patolaibor Contact-2    E24A1005  Yukihiro Takahashi CDV Gold
  Pony-Canyon          E24A1006  Jinnai Takanori CDV Gold
  Pony-Canyon 24VL-1        E24A1007  Child CDV Gold
  Pony-Canyon  24VL-2  Shimizu Kojiro Summer of 1985   E24A1008    
  Pony-Canyon  24VL-3  Naoya Matsuoka Summer Noise    E24A1009  Mr. Sera CDV Gold
  Pony-Canyon  24VL-4  Chisato Moritaka Overheat Night    E24A1010  Koichi Iwaki CDV Gold
  Pony-Canyon 24VL-5        E24A1011  Not Checkers CDV Gold
  Pony-Canyon  24VL-6  No Side Dream for You    E16A1012  Splash CDV Gold
  Pony-Canyon  24VL-7  Mobile Police Patolaibor Contact-1        
  Pony-Canyon 24VL-8        E24G1001  Touch CDV Gold
  Pony-Canyon 24VL-9        E20G1002  Peacock King Festival for Returning
  Pony-Canyon 24VL-10            
  Pony-Canyon 24VL-11        E24H1001  F-1 Grand Prix 87 In Britain
  Pony-Canyon  24VL-12  Miki Fujitani New Semester    E24H1002  F-1 Grand Prix 87 In Japan
  Pony-Canyon  24VL-13  Chisato Moritaka Get Smile    E20H1003  Sega Power Drift
  Pony-Canyon          E20H1004  Sega Mega Drive
  Pony-Canyon  2-25679  Donald Fagen New Frontier    E20H1005  Taito Capcom
  Pony-Canyon          E20H1006  Taito Chase HQ
  Pony-Canyon  WLCV-07  Naoya Matsuoka Summer Noise        
  Pony-Canyon  WLCV-08  Kohjiroh Shimizu Down Town Alley    E24Y1001  Diane Lane Lady Beware
  Pony-Canyon          E24Y3001  The Police Every breath you take
  Pony-Canyon         DACV001    
  Pony-Canyon          DACV002  Miyuki Nakajima CDV Gold
  Pony-Canyon          DACV003  The Checkers CDV Gold
  Pony-Canyon          DACV004  Janet Jackson Control
Total : 37 / 46 13/20       24/26    
Sony / EMI Code Japan Sony   Code Japan EMI-Toshiba
  EMI-Toshiba  24VH 2001  Seiko Matsuada Strawberry Time    CPV24-101  Paul McCartney Once upon long ago…
  EMI-Toshiba  24VH 2002  Rebecca Singles        
  EMI-Toshiba  24VH 2003  Mayumi Itsuwa Wind and Roses    CTV24-101  Boowy Marionette
  EMI-Toshiba  24VH 2004  The Square Truth    CTV24-102  Honda Minako Oneway Generation
  EMI-Toshiba  24VH 2005  Tube Dance with You    CTV24-103  Yakushimaru Hiroko Hoshikiko
  EMI-Toshiba  24VH 2006  Marlene Just a Woman   CTV24-104    
  EMI-Toshiba  24VH 2007  Kubota Toshinobu Ryusei no Sadoru    CTV24-105  Show-Ya Kodoku no meiro
  EMI-Toshiba  24VH 2008  Sonoko Kaway Jessy    CTV24-106  Kimagure Orange Road CDV-1
  EMI-Toshiba  24VH 2009  Ryuichi Sakamoto Risky    CTV24-107  Ikeda Masanori Formula Wind
  EMI-Toshiba  24VH 2010  PsyS Denki to Mint    CTV24-108  Shohjyo-Tai Sakasama
  EMI-Toshiba  24VH 2011  Saori Saitoh I need your lovin    CTV24-109  Kimagure Orange Road CDV-2
  EMI-Toshiba  24VH 2012  Gwinko Get On   CTV24-110    
  EMI-Toshiba  24VH 2013  Princess Princess 19 Growing Up    CTV24-111  Bubblegum Crisis Best of Music 1
  EMI-Toshiba          CTV24-112  Bubblegum Crisis Best of Music 2
  EMI-Toshiba  247H 2001  Kahoru Kohiruimaki I m Here   CTV24-113    
  EMI-Toshiba          24CTV-903  Noriko Ogawa Eien No Utatane
Total : 26 / 29 14/14       12/15    
Mercury / Polydor Code Japan Mercury   Code Japan Polydor
  Polydor  24VP-1  Paul Mauriat Nagekidori    W18X-22001  Shakatak Down on the Street
  Polydor  24VP-2  Bon Jovi Livin on a Prayer    W18X-22002  Godley and Creme Cry
  Polydor  24VP-3  Cinderella Nobody's Fool   W18X-22003 Pepsie and Charlie Heartache
  Polydor  24VP-4  Tears for Fears Everybody Wants    W18X-22004  Level 42 Running in the Family
  Polydor  24VP-5  Curiosity killed the cat Misfit    W18X-22005  Deel Purple Bad Attitude
  Polydor 24VP-6        W18X-22006  The Moody Blues Your Wildest Dreams
  Polydor  24VP-7  Bon Jovi Wanted Dead or Alive   W18X-22007 Level 42 Lessons In Love
  Polydor  24VP-8  Cinderella Somebody Save Me   W18X-22008 The Cure Why I cant be you
  Polydor          W18X-22009  Level 42 Leaving me Now
  Polydor          W18X-22010  Lloyd Cole and the Commotions
  Polydor         W18X-22011 The Cure Catch
  Polydor          W18X-22012  Fat Boys Wipeout
  Polydor          W18X-23001  Bananarama Venus
Total : 16 / 21 7/8       9/13    
Apollon / Victor Code Japan Victor   Code Japan Apollon
  Apollon  VDX-1  Koyoko Koizumi CDV Special    BG24-1  Hideaki Tokunaga Melody from Birds
  Apollon VDX-2        BG24-2  The Peanuts Eternally
  Apollon  VDX-3  Up Beat Lady Party Doll    BG24-3  Kayama Vol 1
  Apollon  VDX-4  Soundtrack 2001 A Space Odissey    BG24-4  Kayama Vol 2
  Apollon  VDX-5  Koyoko Koizumi CDV Special 2    BG24-5  Ann Lewis Joshin
  Apollon  VDX-6  Noriko Sakai CDV Special        
Total : 10 / 11 5/6       5/5    
Various / Various Code Japan Various   Code Japan Various
  Various   Columbia       For Life  
  Various  24AV-3001  Kumiko Yamashita Melody    24KV-1  Anri CDV Perfromance
  Various   King       Lobster  
  Various  NCDV-1  Miho Nakayama CDV Special I    DB001  Various Artists Music Scene in CDV
  Various   Sanyo          
  Various  KA-CDV01  Miki Imai Demonstration Disc        
  Various   Nec       SMS  
  Various  A24D-1  Butterfly Father    VD24-0001  Kohji Kikkawa Marilyne
  Various  N24D-1  3dl San-Decilitre    VD24-0002  Kohji Kikkawa Sunset
  Various N24D-2        VD24-0003  Kohji Kikkawa Hot Lips
  Various  N00D-1  Various Artists Hi-Tech for Hi-Touch        
Total : 11 / 12 6/7       5/5    
Total : 100 / 119 45/55       55/64    

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